Library History

HHH Community Library Timeline


  • Spring: Sunquam-Melville PTA begins the Library Fund with $200 and runs a benefit dance.
  • October 17: Meeting at the home of Mrs. Ruth Freeze to promote the start of a community library.


  • Boy Scouts and other volunteers conduct a door-to-door appeal for books and library funds.


  • April: The Library opens in Melville.
  • December: Library membership is 500 and the library is open 14 hours each week.


  • June 15: Proposition to formally establish a school district public library is approved.
  • June 22: Referendum on library budget.


  • The first library director is Mrs. Virginia Moran.


  • June 26: Permanent charter is granted.
  • November 18: Public information meeting was held to discuss a new library building.


  • December 1: Referendum is approved to purchase property and construct a Dix Hills library building.


  • July 30: Dix Hills Building opens.


  • September 16: 20th anniversary is celebrated.


  • March 3: $5 million expansion bond passed by a 2-to-1 margin.


  • April: Dedication of expanded library buildings at Dix Hills and Melville.


  • Library’s website is on the internet.


  • First library in the county to provide one-to-one computer instruction by appointment.
  • Beginning with the September/October issue, the First R newsletter is now printed as a two color booklet rather than a black and white newspaper.


  • Spring: Melville’s renovation is completed.
  • April 26: 50th anniversary celebration is held.
  • December 28: Library’s mobile web page goes online.


  • Summer: Grant awarded for the Dix Hills Roof Replacement/Solar Project.
  • August 31: Launch of the newly redesigned library website.


  • May 23: HHHL Mobile, the Library app, is available for Apple devices.


  • February 22: Android version of the Library app is available.
  • October: 3D printing appointments open.


  • The July/August issue of the newsletter is redesigned and is now in color.
  • September 7: Library podcast, “In the Stacks,” is launched.


  • October 3: $14.5 million bond to build a new Dix Hills building was passed 1255 to 632.
  • October 12: Website is redesigned in a blog format and with more mobile friendly features.


  • October 31: The doors to the Dix Hills Branch are locked during a closing ceremony and hours at both Branches are extended.
  • November 17: Chestnut Hill School, a temporary location during construction, located at 600 S. Service Road, is officially opened to the public.
  • Library membership is over 25,000 patrons and the library is open 70 hours each week.