Anna Dam: A Retrospective

"Cold Spring Harbor Main St." print by Anna Dam
Anna Dam
Children, Teens, Adults
Display Dates:

A retrospective. Now on display in the gallery at the Dix Hills Building.
Reception on December 11, 2022. Click here for more information.


About the Artist

Anna Dam is a local artist from Cold Spring Harbor, NY. She has also traveled extensively and enjoys painting images inspired by the landscapes of Long Island as well as the coast of Maine. Her work covers a large variety of subject matter, but is always largely inspired by nature. Sometimes the painting is a watercolor of a grand sweeping landscape and sometimes it is a collection of shells trapped by a group of granite boulders. Anna also enjoys painting studies of orchids, a large collection are located on her website.

Thank you for visiting and for taking the time view Anna’s work. If you wish to see more of the artist's work, you can visit or "Like" Anna Dam Fine Art on Facebook. There are a large variety of options as to size, format & framing, commissions are also welcomed.


Anna Dam: Dix Hills Library Show Price List

#1 “Oak Point Deer Isle, Maine” Original Oil on Canvas    $1,275.00

#2 “Sunshine Causeway, Deer Isle Maine” Original Oil on Canvas    $1,275.00

#3 “Robert Moses Field 3” Original Oil on Canvas    $1,575.00

#4 “Daisy’s Field, Sunshine, Maine” Original Oil on Canvas    $1,275.00

#5 “ Rock Cow, Deer Isle Maine” Original Oil On Canvas    $2,475.00

#6 “The Turtle, Carney Island Maine” Original Oil on Canvas    $2,475.00

#7 “Iron Ice, Sunshine Maine” Original Oil on Canvas    $1,475.00

#8 “Paph. Orchid #1” Original Watercolor    $975.00

#9 “Phal Sierra Vasquez“ Original Watercolor    $1,575.00

#10 “Phal Wild Thing“ Original Watercolor    $1,575

#11 “Paph. Orchid #2 Original Watercolor    $975.00

#12 “Lori’s Door” Original Watercolor    $1,575.00

#13 “Crevass, Acadia National Park” Original Watercolor    $1,275.00

#14 “Fresh Start, Sedgewick, Maine” Original Watercolor    $1,575.00

#15 “Low Tide Deer Isle Causeway” Original Watercolor    $1,675.00

#16 “Stripes, Isle Au Haute, Maine” Original Watercolor    $2,575.00

#17 “Pink Granite, Acadia National Park, Maine” Original Watercolor    $1,275.00

#18 “Old and Lonely” Original Watercolor    $1,575.00

#19 “The Porcupines, Acadia National Park” Original Watercolor    $1,275.00

#20 “Persimmons” Original Watercolor    $2,475.00

#21 “Paint Like Crazy” Stonington Maine Original Watercolor    $1,575.00

#22 “The Divide” Original Watercolor    $1,675.00

#23 “Polyphemus Moth” Original Watercolor    $1,525.00

#24 “Main Street Cold Spring Harbor” Limited Edition Giclee Print    $375.00

#25 “Stonington Sky” Deer Isle Maine Original Watercolor    $2,475.00

#26 “Emma, Cindy & Paul at Horsepower Farm” Original Watercolor    $1,875.00

#27 “Virginia Creeper” Original Watercolor    $2,875.00

#28 2nd floor by elevator: “Eggemoggin Rowboat” Deer isle Maine Limited Edition Giclee Print

                  Unframed    $675.00
                  Framed    $1,275.00