Celebrate Martin Luther King, Jr. & Black History

CFA Black History Slide
Concerned Fathers Association Inc.
Children, Teens, Adults
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January 2023

Welcome to the Concerned Fathers Association Inc. Inaugural Black History Exhibition. This year’s theme, African American Excellence and Achievement is designed to increase awareness about the historical legacy of the African American/Black experience. This exhibit will include the Great Migration, the Harlem Renaissance, the Negro League, the Tuskegee Airmen, as well as other great achievements.

Across the generations, countless Black Americans have demonstrated profound moral courage and resilience to help shape our Nation for the better. Today, Black Americans lead industries and movements for change, serving our communities and our Nation at every level. This includes the advancement of every field across the board, including sports, arts and sciences, business and law, health and education, and many more. In the face of wounds and obstacles older than our Nation itself, Black Americans can be seen in every part of our society, strengthening and uplifting all of America.

It is critically important that we reflect on the progress, richness, and diversity of contributions made by people of African descent. Everyday there is an occasion to highlight the monumental significance of African-American contributions and the vital role they have played in shaping America's history.

Kendall Richards, Ph.D.
Concerned Fathers Association Inc.

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