Moments In Time: Wildlife & Waterscape

Osprey Landing
John P. Cardone
Children, Teens, Adults
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Moments In Time: Wildlife & Waterscape
John P. Cardone’s nature artwork consists of photographic images taken mostly while kayaking and hiking Long Island. In addition, some photos were snapped on location in the Rocky Mountain National Park in Colorado, Acadia National Park in Maine, and Assateague Island in Maryland & Virginia. In this collection, you'll find hummingbirds, snowy owls, ospreys, wild ponies, American bald eagles, lakes, rivers, and mountain views to name a few subjects. John explains, "My photographs represent a moment in time through unique natural settings and the amazing personalities of wildlife. I am particularly interested in how nature can calm people’s minds while they take a “time out” from their hectic, busy lives."

Chronicles of A Nature Photographer
Wednesday, December 6 | 2 PM (DH)
Meet photographer John Cardone and hear about his nature sightings through first hand experiences illustrated by his nature photography. Discover photography techniques and tips for different outdoor settings. Learn how observing ospreys can be a mindful experience, what it means to search for snowy owls or the feeling of snowshoeing the Rocky Mountains.

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