Disposition of Surplus Property

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Disposition of Surplus Property

1) Definition: Surplus Property is any item owned by the Library that is no longer needed for the provision of Library Services.

2) Declaring Property Surplus:

  • a) Only property having more than nominal monetary value need be declared surplus. Obsolete or broken property without any useful value may be disposed of, at the discretion of the Director, without notice or approval from the Board of Trustees.
  • b) The Director is authorized to declare as surplus, Library property having an estimated unit value less than $1,000.
  • c) The Board of Trustees is authorized to declare as surplus, Library property having an estimated unit value of $1000, or greater.

3) Disposal and Sale of Surplus Property:

  • a) For property with an estimated unit value of less than $1,000, the Director is authorized to sell such property as deemed to be in the best interest of the Library, including through a fixed price system, a closed bidding system, or otherwise.
  • b) For property with an estimated unit value of $1,000 or greater, after authorization from the Board is obtained to dispose of such property, the Director shall sell such property by advertising for sealed bids through posting in both Library buildings, and advertised in the Library newsletter, if time permits. If no such sealed bid is deemed reasonable, the Director is authorized to sell the property by a method that will most effectively and efficiently provide the Library with the greatest monetary return, in which case, documentation of the Library’s efforts shall be documented and retained.

4) The disposal of Library property yielding more than $200 shall be reported to the Board as part of the monthly financial report.

5) Prior to the discarding of used or surplus books or other such reading materials the Library shall offer to donate such books or materials to a not-for-profit corporation or political subdivision located within the area of the Library District or offer to sell such books or materials to the general public. Nothing in this subsection shall preclude the Library from offering to donate such books or materials to a non-profit corporation or political subdivision outside the geographic area of the Library District. The library shall retain any proceeds received from the sale of such books and materials for the purpose of maintaining and improving Library service (Ed. L. §260(12)).

Approved 10/18/21

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