Gifts and Donations Policy

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The Half Hollow Hills Community Library welcomes both monetary and physical donations/gifts. 

1) Monetary Gifts/Donations 

All monetary gifts will be accepted and used at the Library’s discretion, unless the donor requests a special usage agreement. For donations of $1,000.00 or less, this agreement can be made between the donor and the Library Director, and acceptance is subject to the Director’s discretion. For gifts of more than $1,000.00, the Board of Trustees must approve the agreement, and acceptance is subject to the Board’s discretion. 

2) Physical Gifts/Donations 

The Library Director may accept donations of physical items/library materials. For physical gifts/donations that, in the Library Director’s reasonable discretion, have a fair market value of less than $5,000.00, the Library Director will choose whether to accept such donation(s) based primarily on (a) the condition of the item, (b) the popularity of the item, (c) the accuracy and currency of the item and (d) whether the item compliments the Library’s collection(s). For physical gifts/donations that, in the Library Director’s reasonable discretion, have a fair market value of over $5,000.00, the determination whether to accept such donation(s) is to be made by Board of Trustees. 

The Half Hollow Hills Community Library retains full control over all donated materials, including to add such items to the Library’s collections, donate them to other institutions, or disposed of in other way, at the sole discretion of the Library. No agreement will be made to waive this control. 

The Library does not provide pick-up service for donated materials and all deliveries of donations must be arranged in advance with the Library Director or their designee. 

The Library will acknowledge all donations in writing, by using the attached “Addendum.” Only in the case of monetary gifts will values be assigned. It is the responsibility of the donor to have materials appraised before donating them to the Library. In the event the donor seeks to set a monetary value to a physical gift/donation for tax purposes, it is the donor’s sole responsibility to establish a fair market value through the use of their own appraiser/experts. The Library offers no such tax guidance or valuation advice. 

Addendum to Gifts and Donation Policy 

The gift described below is granted to the Half Hollow Hills Community Library to become part of its collection with the following understandings: 

Detailed Description of the Gift 





Representation and Warranty 

The Donor represents and warrants that he/she is the sole owner of the gift and has the full right, title, authority, and interest to make the donation, and that no agreement assignment, sale, or encumbrance has been or will be made or entered into which would conflict with this deed. 

Assignment of Rights 

The Donor grants and transfers to the Half Hollow Hills Community Library full and unlimited title to the above described gift, together with any and all rights to such gift Donor may have, including but not limited to any copyright to such gift and conveys to the Library full and unrestrained rights to archive, reproduce, display, lend and provide public access to such gift through the Library's physical and online collections. Such gift is made by Donor without any limitations or conditions upon the use of such gift by the Library. 

Donor Agreement 

The Donor understands and agrees with the terms of donation stated in this Addendum. The Donor has also been provided a copy of the Library’s “Gifts and Donation Policy,” which is incorporated herein by reference. 

Name of Donor (please print) __________________________________________ 

Address __________________________________________ 


____________________ __________________________________________ 

Date Signature of Donor 

Half Hollow Hills Community Library 

_____________________ By: ______________________________________ 

Date Director 

Approved by Board of Trustees: 5/16/22 

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