Outside Food Delivery Prohibition Policy

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Outside Food Delivery Prohibition Policy

Purpose: The purpose of this policy is to maintain a clean, safe, and conducive environment for all patrons and staff at the Half Hollow Hills Community Library.  By prohibiting patrons from ordering outside food delivery services into the Library, we aim to uphold the Library's mission of, amongst other things, serving as an educational and cultural resource for the community. 

Policy: Outside food delivery services, including the delivery of food and beverages from external vendors — e.g.,  Uber Eats, DoorDash, Postmates, etc. — are strictly prohibited within the Library building or upon Library grounds.  Patrons and visitors are not allowed to receive food deliveries while inside the library building or on library grounds.

Rationale for Prohibition: Amongst other things, the consumption of food and beverages leads to spills, stains, and undesirable odors that compromise the cleanliness of Library materials, furnishings, and facilities.  It also leads to an environment which disrupts the reading, studying, and research activities of patrons, particularly in the after-school hours, where dozens of students visit the library to do homework and study. 

Eating in the Library: Patrons may consume small individual snack foods or beverages while seated in the Library.  Food and drink are not to be placed nor consumed near electronic equipment, including keyboards, computers, terminals, photocopy machines, and other mechanical devices. Patrons are responsible for cleaning up after themselves in the Library.   

Exceptions: Exceptions to this policy may be made for library staff, library-sanctioned events, or programs where food and beverages are provided by the library itself or its authorized partners, as approved by Library Administration.

Enforcement: Library staff will inform patrons and visitors about the policy and request compliance.  Library staff will also inform delivery services, as necessary.  In cases of non-compliance, staff may ask patrons to leave the premises temporarily or take appropriate action to ensure policy adherence, including suspension of Library privileges, pursuant to the maintenance of public order policy. 

Adopted:  8/23/23

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