Policy for Hiring Library Employees

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Policy for Hiring Library Employees

In order to hire the best qualified candidate, hiring will be done according to the laws and rules of the State of New York and the Suffolk County Civil Service Commission as they pertain to the Library. Consideration will be given to personal and educational qualifications and to training and aptitude for the position.

Residents of the Half Hollow Hills School District who are eligible and express interest in an open position will be given the opportunity to interview. This should not be construed as an offer or guarantee ofemployment.

Eligible applicants for employment shall be interviewed and screened by the Director and/or the Director’s designee. If the applicant meets the qualifications required for the position, the applicant may be hired by the Director, at the salary established by the Board of Trustees, pending final Board approval at the next regularly scheduled monthly meeting of the Board of Trustees.

Appointment of Library Pages

Applications are accepted from individuals 16 years of age or older with employment preference given to Half Hollow Hills District residents.

In New York State, anyone under 18 (minors) must show an employment certificate also known as “working papers” before he/she may begin work.

Approved 9/22/14

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