100 Books Before Graduation

Calling All Middle & High School Readers!

We’re challenging you to read 100 books before your next graduation!

Visit the Teen Room in Dix Hills to receive your starter pack. Log your reads here and earn prizes along the way.

Every 20 books read = prize

100 books read = spot on our “Wall of Fame,” and entry into a grand-prize drawing for a new Amazon Kindle Paperwhite

Why 100 books?
Studies have shown that reading for pleasure and enjoyment has a positive impact both academically and socially. By reading what you want to read, you’re not only promoting self-care, but also pursuing your own personal interests. Reading for pleasure can reduce stress, help us learn about who we are and what we want to be, cure boredom, relieve anxiety, and even help you perform better in school.

Plus, let’s not forget there will be prizes, a lot of awesome prizes!

Who can participate?
Any teen entering grades 6 through 12! Once registered, you have until your High School Graduation to complete the 100 Book Reading Challenge.

What should I read?
Anything you enjoy! However, you should only record books in your reading log that you’ve read after you've registered; books from the past don’t count. Don’t forget to visit your Teen Librarians if you need help finding something!

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