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False Justice (Jessie Black Legal Thrillers, Book 6) by Larry Winters

"Jessie Black meets up with Kelly, an old law school friend, who confides to Jessie that she is terrified for her life. Kelly is representing grieving parents whose son’s death was caused by an unsafe toy. That night, Kelly dies in an automobile accident. Jessie doesn’t believe it was an accident, but murder. An indifferent police force, a corrupt legal system and a sociopathic defrocked physician impede Jessie’s efforts to represent the grieving parents and solve Kelly’s murder. An engrossing read." - E. Pasquali

4/4 stars.

When the Past Came Calling by Larry Kaplan

"David Miller, a personal injury lawyer, is contacted by former classmate, U. S. Attorney Michael Eisenberg, who is working with the FBI on a high-stakes national security case. When Michael falls to his death, David becomes involved with the case. The case becomes more complicated when CIA Agent Conrad takes over. Interest focuses on a religious cult and on David’s friend, Benny Friedman. Benny is obsessed with the JFK assassination and insists he has evidence that Lee Harvey Oswald didn’t act alone. This book blends espionage with murder and is one of the best novels I’ve read." - E.

The House on Cerulean Sea by TJ Klune

"This was a delightful and whimsical read. The story was endearing and characters were likable and developed well throughout the book. A great read to escape from reality." - A. Green

4/4 stars.

Killed with a Kiss by Fiona Grace

"In Book 5 in the Lacey Doyle series our main character again faces being a suspect in a murder investigation. This time her business’ reputation as well as her own is effected. Leaving her no choice but to start her own investigation." - F. Schwarz

3/4 stars.

All the Lonely People by Mike Gayle

"The book was this months read for the St John’s university book club. And what a book it is. It actually made me laugh and cry. Maybe my age, COVID sheltering or the crazy things happen around Huntington now, made the story very poignant. Gayle really knows how to tell a story." - F. Schwarz

4/4 stars.

All Your Perfects by Colleen Hoover

"Not a typical Hoover romance novel but still satisfying and poignant. The beginning felt slow but the bittersweet tones of marriage, love, loss, grief and moving forward came through toward the end." - A. Green

3/4 stars.

The Emma Project by Sonali Dev

"This is the final installment in the Rajes series by this author. Although it wasn't my favorite of the series, it was a good book that served as a nice culmination with many Easter eggs from previous books. It followed the last of the Raje siblings- Vansh Raje. It draws you into the culture and current happenings in San Francisco. It's a mix of enemies/friends to lovers between the main characters. You aren't sure if you love or hate the main characters but it draws you in still the same and end up rooting for them to get their happy ending." - M. Bradley

3/4 stars.

Nights in Rodanthe by Nicholas Sparks

"This follows the story of Adrienne and Paul as they discover love in the most unexpected way. Adrienne is telling the love story to her daughter after a tragedy in her life. It offers comfort and hope to both women in this time of need. You are swept away to a North Carolina beach as the couple discovers that love can still happen when you thought it was lost forever. it's never too late to be forgiven either. As with many Nicholas Sparks books, make sure to have the tissues handy. Great listen as an audiobook as well." - M. Bradley

4/4 stars.

Calamity Jenna Janet by Elizabeth Henderson

"When go-go dancer Jenna Morgan’s boyfriend , Frank, cheats on her with stripers in his New Jersey club, Jenna moves to small-town Invertary, Scotland. Jenna’s calamitous dates earn her the nickname, "Calamity Jenna". When Frank, now mob connected, turns up in Invertary to force Jenna to return home and strip in his club, Invertary’s only cop, Matt Donaldson, puts Jenna under his protective custody. This rom-com is enhanced by family and friendship bonds and plot twists. A fun read." - E. Pasquali

2/4 stars.

Sugar and Salt by Susan Wiggs

"Excited to get my copy the book has great reviews. Well-written like all her books it draws you into the life of the main character. So descriptive you feel a part of the events so much so that I became anxious as a read the book. Worth the read just no all sugar." - F. Schwarz

4/4 stars.

Murder with Cinnamon Scones by Karen Rose Smith

"To add to my favorite things, tea and scones, this story adds quilting. The town is getting ready to host a quilting event weekend when the local gallery owner turn up murdered. Daisy and her friends want to solve the murder so the quilting weekend can continue." - F. Schwarz

3/4 stars.

Hounds of Basket Stitch by Anne Canadeo

"A Blacksheep and Company Mystery. It’s been awhile since Canadeo has wrote a book in this series. Dana ‘s goddaughter and her sister would like to learn to knit. The sister’s doctors think it will help with lingering problems from a car accident. They decide to have the lesson at the sisters’ home and that when the trouble starts. The book contains a lot of information on service dogs. Thus book will keep you guessing." - F. Schwarz

3/4 stars.

Vexed on a Visit by Fiona Grace

"Book 4 in the Seaside Harbor series we again visit with Lacey Doyle as she receives an unexpected visit from her family. Unfortunately their visit comes at the same time as a planned romantic getaway with her boyfriend. They all go on the weekend and a murder and a mystery follow. Makes you think what else could go wrong." - F. Schwarz

3/4 stars.