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Construction Update: February 17, 2022

Shelving arrived. Books are being unpacked.

Furniture is here and being installed.

Trees/grass planted.

Security and fire suppression installed.

Expect an opening date soon!

Construction Update: November 2, 2021

Parking lot lights are on.

Flashing signs warning cars to slow down are installed in front of the library.

In keeping Long Island's aquifer safe, the Suffolk County Department of Health has approved a green, I/A sanitary system.

Solar panels are getting turned on.

Interior and exterior security cameras are installed.

The landscaping looks beautiful, and there is much more to come.

Interior painting is almost complete.

The heat is on! This enables us to begin the installation of the wood finishes, doors and cork flooring.

Construction Update: October 4, 2021


  • LED Exterior Lighting
  • Electric Car Charging
  • Porcelain Floor
  • LED Interior Lighting
  • Solar Panels
  • Traffic Calming Devices to Slow Down Cars


  • Painting
  • Landscaping
  • and so much more!

The Other Woman by Sandie Jones

"This story was full of suspense, twists, and turns, but I was disappointed to have figured out the plot twist at the end. The story's main character, Emily, believes she has found the love of her life in a man named Adam. Only trouble - his controlling, manipulative mother. It appears as if his mother wants Emily gone from her son's life and is willing to lie, scheme, and manipulate to get what she wants. Adam, on his part, seems oblivious to his mother's antics.

That Summer by Jennifer Weiner

"From the cover, this book appeared to be a light and breezy beach read. It was definitely not the case, however! This was a timely book that dealt with trauma and its aftermath, an unlikely friendship between two strong female characters, and the evolving role of women in society. I found it somewhat slow in the beginning, but it builds to a steady pace and held my interest throughout." - D. Cohen

3/4 stars.

The 100 Years of Lenni and Margot by Marianne Cronin

"Is it possible to grieve for a book? Just minutes after finishing this fine novel, I find myself overcome. This lovely, at-times triumphant, spirited and deeply insightful novel speaks of mortality with softness and care and humor. The two terminally ill protagonists, 17-year-old Lenni and 83-year-old Margot, are hard to let go of... and I suppose, really, that is the point of it all. Please, please, don't miss reading this one." - C. Murray

4/4 stars.

Red Delicious Death by Sheila Connelly

"The third in the series, a woman has inherited an apple orchard in Western MA. While trying to understand everything she needs to know about harvest time, she is helping a group of young people try to open a new restaurant. When the sous chef is found dead, she then turns into a detective to solve the murder. It wasn't the most exciting book, but fun for me to read having grown up in the area the book takes place." - C. D'Orazio

2/4 stars.

A Walk Along the Beach by Debbie Macomber

"A novel about two sisters, Willa and Harper, who are inseparable. With the loss of their mother, Willa takes the role to her younger sister who is a cancer survivor. We go through the worry of the return of cancer to Harper. Willa does find a love interest and his struggle to stand by her." - C. Daley

2/4 stars.