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Libraries have a clear and unalterable responsibility for the dissemination of knowledge and making it available to all individuals. Freedom in the public library is the corollary of freedom of speech by the First Amendment of the Constitution of the United States. The freedom to read is essential to our democracy.

The Board of Trustees of the Half Hollow Hills Community Library adopts and declares that it will adhere to and support the most current Library Bill of Rights and the most current Freedom to Read Statement of the American Library Association. Both documents are a part of this policy.

The objective of the Half Hollow Hills Community Library is to select, organize, preserve, and make freely and easily available to all individuals in the community, materials which will aid them in the pursuit of information, education, research, recreation and culture. The Library strives to provide the best possible collection within the limitations of space and budget. The decision to select any item for the collection is based on demand, anticipated need, and the effort to maintain a wide and balanced collection.

Our library patrons are an important part of the selection process. Every effort is made to acquire items requested by library patrons whether through purchase or inter library loan from another library.

Material Selection and Maintenance of the Collection

The responsibility for the selection of materials is delegated by the Library Director to professional librarians employed by the Library. Maintenance of the Library's collection is supervised by each department head and individual staff is assigned areas for ordering, maintaining and weeding. Library patrons are welcome to offer suggestions or recommendations for purchase.

Selection of library materials shall be made on the basis of timeliness, accuracy, effective expression, significance of subject and evaluations in professionally recognized review journals as well as other sources. No materials shall be excluded because of race, nationality, or the political or social views of the author. Materials on all sides of topical issues may be purchased so that citizens can be fully informed. Selection of materials by the Library does not mean endorsement of the views expressed but is an expression of the Library's policy of intellectual freedom. It should also be recognized that some materials may be offensive, shocking or boring to some readers but meaningful and significant to others. Works being considered should be viewed as a whole, not in isolated parts.

Since no library can acquire all print and non-print materials, every library must employ a policy of selectivity in acquisitions. The Library provides a general collection of reliable materials embracing broad areas of knowledge. Best-sellers and anticipated best-sellers or popular titles will be purchased in multiple copies as determined by demand and advance publicity. Other community and area library resources are taken into consideration when selecting materials. Rather than purchasing every item, the Library may borrow materials through interlibrary loan. Information sources made available through the Internet will be selected using the same principles that are applied to books and other formats. New formats will be considered for the collection when a significant portion of the community population has the necessary technology to make use of the format.

The library will accept gifts or donations provided that they meet the general criteria for selection of materials. Items not added to the Library's Collection will be donated to other organizations or sold to benefit the Library.

The Board of Trustees also recognizes that removing no longer useful materials from the collection is as important a part of maintenance of the library collection as the initial selection. Therefore, the weeding policy shall include the same factors for consideration as the selection policy.

Request for Reconsideration of Library Material

Materials which have been selected or excluded based on the principles indicated in the Library's Collection Development Policy may be reevaluated upon request.

A citizen objecting to a book or other material should submit the form; Patron's Request for Reconsideration of Library Material which is available at any public service desk or from the Library Director's Office. The written request and the material in question should be submitted to the Library Director's Office. It will be reviewed and a report, along with a recommendation, will be submitted to the Library Board of Trustees.

Approved: 11/17/08

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