The Bennett Sisters Mysteries: Books 1-4 by Lise McClenden

"While each of these four books can be read as stand alone novels, reading them from Book 1 through Book 4 enriches the story of the Bennet sisters, all lawyers but each with different personalities, strengths, and weaknesses. The lives of Merle Bennet, her son Triston and Pascal, a French undercover policeman with the wine fraud unit, are central to each story. Recently widowed, Merle inherited a run-down house in a rural French town. When the inhabitant of the house refuses to leave and is subsequently murdered, Merle becomes the prime suspect. Family secrets, corrupt local officials, and counterfeit wine distribution surface. Each book involves the sisters’ problems (Francie is kidnapped, Annie breaks her engagement on the eve of her wedding, etc.). The stories flow smoothly from chapter to chapter and book to book. One of the best series I have read." - E. Pasquali

4/4 stars.

Published by on July 22, 2021
Last Modified September 23, 2021