What the Nanny Saw by Fiona Neill

"Fun comedic book about a college student taking time off school to work as live-in nanny in London in order to save money to finish her last year of grad school. The family is rich, with 4 children: a 19yo boy about to start at uni, a 15yo anorexic girl, and 2 identical twin 6yo boys. The nanny is only 24yo herself and comes from a working class family in a southern coastal village, where her father is a fisherman. Therefore you can see the lifestyles are diametrically opposed which gives the nanny much to think about as she handles situations she would never have had to deal with when she was growing up. The nanny is able to hear much of the family’s secrets, as she seems to dwell in the background, as most servants tend to find themselves in when around the rich people who employ them - they don’t even seem to realize she is there at all as the couple discuss many things, such as their finances, what they think of other people, including some whom the nanny is friends with their nannies. 

It is a really amusing read that covers differences or even similarities between rich people and working class people, problems everyone has in their families behind closed doors, differences in how different families raise their children, as well as British politics and British financial information (including issues that affect US financial Institutions, such as the Lehman Bros failure in the Great Recession of 2008-2009. I would recommend this book to anyone who is an Anglophile, anyone who likes the comedic value of differing family values, everyone who experiences family problems and doesn’t believe everyone has problems, even the rich, maybe even especially the rich. It is light book that you can read at the beach, even with an audiobook & earphones. Happy reading!" - L. Liebman

4/4 stars.

Published by on July 22, 2021
Last Modified September 23, 2021